Bare Knuckle Kombat

Bare Knuckle Kombat is one of the sports companies that is commencing a legal, sanctioned, and modulated bare-knuckle combat in the United Arab Emirates. Dedicated to preserving the historical legacy of bare-knuckle fighting, BKK maintains high standards of combat sports providing the experience of an excellent event with exceptional fighters producing up the best action in the world. The BKK team is in collaboration with the world’s top sports organizations and councils. Our company is a UAE-based combat firm founded by an Indian-based entrepreneur and the former World Kickboxing Champion, Mr. Midhun Jith who holds Guinness World Records including several other International and National Championships. Mr. Midhun Jith is the national representative and president of WMF-UAE (World Muaythai Federation). This combat firm is the vision of an internationally recognized personality like him who has been closely familiar in and out with these kinds of contests.

We are delighted to set off this journey of combat fights. It surely will be a great game to watch. We emphasize arranging the fights nationwide and expanding them to the various parts of the world with the supervision and assistance of productive contributors and all other members. We have already started a company named Grand Slam Events in India to host these kinds of combat sports and also one in Malaysia. This shows our potential and keen intrigue to broaden our horizons to all parts of the world. Our main objective is to frame and present the mega combat sports contest through our platform in a very secure and favorable environment with specialized cages and specific rules prioritizing the safety of fighters. We have specially designed this whole setup for our dedicated fighters to contest. We are offering our viewers a fight they shall always remember and surely enjoy.



In Bare Knuckle Kombat, mostly the finest and experienced fighters from the world are selected to participate. In addition to that, any martial artist following the BKK rules can participate in this tournament too. The players can use any techniques of their own to end the fight quickly as well as assimilate techniques from martial arts such as boxing and wrestling. The selected ones are those professionally established players as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai fighters who have obtained extensive and substantial training. Having these kinds of players in our combat firm ameliorates and perpetuates our reputation as a company offering world-class fighters. It is going to be the biggest fight show that has ever happened in the world. We are having a single show per month. We will be live telecasting all the ongoing tournaments on television to over 160 countries worldwide and also be streaming it with pay-per-view which is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


We are a leading combat sports company with the remodeled combat form as a bare-knuckle hybrid fighting system. Top athletes from all over the world are to compete with each other. We at Bare Knuckle Kombat develop combat sports competitions in all aspects of safety, honesty, and organization. We provide fighters with the opportunity to prove themselves that they are the best. BKK is a platform where sports fans from worldwide can connect with their real-life heroes and enjoy the sports they love. We aim to transform the combat industry and further establish ourselves as a high-end global sports brand.