Be ready! Cindy “Cyborg” will surely send a chill down your spine

Muay Thai and Kickboxing champion Cindy Silvestre is ultimately the unbeatable ferocious fighter. She is the finest fighter and the toughest one. French-born Cindy is an overall multiple-time champion who is the former ISKA World K-1 Bantamweight Champion, ICO European and Intercontinental Muay Thai champion, 2-time WMO World Champion, AFSO World Muay Thai Champion, IMTF World champion, and two-time FFKMDA National Muay Thai champion. Even at the dilettante level, she was the five-time National Junior Kickboxing and one-time Senior Champion, and two-time National Amateur Muay Thai Champion. She is just like the name given to her “Cyborg”, like a robot straight out of a science fiction movie whose physical abilities can be considered beyond normal human limitations. 

Bantamweight and featherweight kickboxing player Cindy comes from the Ass Tiger Boxing Club. She, being a professional Muay Thai and kickboxing player, is also an instructor. Professionally she has been fighting since 2015. She has undergone an incredible journey who has been to many prestigious championships and won a number of championships heroically throughout her career. In total, she has a Kickboxing record of 94 and has won 61 fights with 8 technical knockouts. 

Cindy Silvestre has accomplished the most in her life in the field of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. There is a list of events she has been to. Some of the events and promotions she has participated in are IKF World Muay Thai Flyweight, WBC Muaythai World Featherweight, Glory 60, Superfight Boxing Art Tournament, Warriors Fight 2, Real fight, Lion belt tournament, International Thai Martial Arts Festival, United Slam Fight, Night of Champions, and many more. 

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