Denneb Diaz at his best to maintain his UNBEATEN streak of victory

Denneb Diaz is an undefeatable professional boxer. He is one of the best super middleweight division fighters in Colombia. He has been the champion at the Universal Boxing Championship from Central America and the Caribbean which has been one of his biggest victories. In all the fights Colombian fighter has played till now he has always been a winner. Denneb is the ultimate victor and dreams to become the world champion. He has huge popularity in South America. Every time he enters the ring he comes with the solid mindset to win and nothing but win!

His full name is Denneb Raul Diaz Gutierrez. He made his professional debut in 2018. Denneb, the impregnable professional has played 14 professional fights and won each one of them, the majority by knocking out the opponent. He has been to the fight events organized by BMMAFU Boxers Union. He has played games under Universal Boxing Council out of Columbia and Universal White Collar boxing.

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