Diogo “KingD” entering with the rage that never lets him down

Diogo Calado is the European WBC Muay Thai Champion, 3-time Enfusion World Champion, and 2-time ISKA European Muay Thai Champion. He is a professional Kickboxing and Muay Thai player. He has won the Strikers League World Championship. In addition, he is an Enfusion Al Shiraa World Grand Prix runner-up and a semi-finalist at Kunlun Fight Tournament. Diogo is an eminent fighter coming from the club Dinamite Team who is well known by the nickname “KingD/tKD”.  

Portuguese Diogo began practicing Shito-Ryu Karate at a very early age and has been professionally competing in martial arts styles since 2008. He has won several titles and been to events such as Will 2 Fight, K1 World Max Elimination, WMC Fight Night, IFN II, Strikers League, Muay Thai Arena 6, Xtreme Combat, Capital Fight 3, Diamond League, Enfusion Abu Dhabi Tournament, and others. He has also participated in Oktagon Event, Ring War, Max Muay Thai, Radikal Fight Night Gold, and many more. Altogether Diogo has a total of 37 wins with 5 knockouts. In addition, he is currently a rapper who has joined the Kwalla Music Portugal Team and began releasing his songs during pandemic situations.

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