Dmitry “Black Valet” the pro-champ sets off for his next explosive fight!

Dmitry Valent is a great Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion. He has won a number of titles at the Junior, European, and World levels. He is a professional multiple-time world champion and ten-time amateur champion. Dmitry is among the excellent middleweight and super-middleweight fighters who has been ranked on the list of most popular Taekwondo athletes and in the elite list of famous celebrities born in Belarus. He is recognized by his nickname ‘Black Valet’. His other nickname is TNT because he is most appreciated for his vicious elbows and detonating knockout power. He comes from the Sportsman VPlab team.

Dmitry started training for taekwondo from an early before he started muay Thai. He trained himself and developed fighting skills in Kick Fighter Gym. He was a young and determined guy at learning. Valent pursued an extremely enhanced amateur career before making his professional debut. He first won the gold medal in the Juinor category at WMF World Muaythai Championships. Then, he won championships like WAKO European, WAKO World, I.F.M.A. Muaythai Royal World Cup, 2-time I.F.M.A. European Muaythai, and 3-time I.F.M.A. World Muaythai at the amateur level.

Talking about his professional fights, Dmitry is a World Champion at WMC Light Heavyweight, W.K.N. Muay Thai Middleweight (2 Title Def.), W.K.N. Oriental Rules (K-1) Middleweight, and WAKO ProMuaythai. Adding to it, he has won other several championships like 2-time WMC I-1 World Muaythai Grand Slam, Grand Prix Russia Open Tournament, W.K.N. European Grand Prix, and the IPCC light heavyweight. He has won the world titles at W.I.P.U. “King of the Ring” Muay Thai. In addition, he is a 2-time Kunlun Fight Runner-up. He acquires a total of 31 wins.

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