Driven towards his goals and always ready for the challenges joining in the versatile fighter David McCarthy

David Mccarthy is an experienced Muay Thai fighter who is the 7-time Coyotile Champion and 11-time Night award holder. He is the only traditional trained Dutch K-1 fighter in Ireland. David, who has gained notoriety amongst Irish fans, currently is a worldwide online coach for fitness programs and also teaches Dutch kickboxing imparting his knowledge and experience. He in fact encounters an incredible experience as a fighter as he had diversified himself throughout his martial arts journey from MMA in Ireland to Kickboxing in Amsterdam to Muay Thai in Thailand to Lethwei in Myanmar.

McCarthy comes from a traditional Dutch kickboxing background. Being a proficient boxer, he also has knowledge of jiu-jitsu. He has competed in various promotions like Enfusion, WLC: Karen Spirit, All-Star Fight, Quick Fight Championship, Thai Fight, Battle Zone Fighting Championship, The Takeover, and PL MMA. He has also fought in Rawai Boxing Stadium, Suwit Stadium, Petch, and Buncha Samui Stadium. With his hard work and labor, David believes he has progressed and developed himself throughout his career to be able to handle himself and throwback. In total, he has 41 wins.

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