Here we present Calista “Elbow Hunter” the youngest and the brightest champ

Calista is the youngest Muay Thai player on the card who is brilliant and unbelievable. At the very young age of 20, she has played over 80 fights and is able to keep her name in the Muay Thai field. She is the WMC World Champion, Kambingwhit Champion, Kard Chuek Fight Champion, Southern Thailand Champion, 3-time Bangla Stadium Champ, 2-time Galaxy Stadium Champion, Rawai Champion, and 2-time Estonian Champion in Muay Thai. Calista is mostly known for her long knees and cutting her opponents up with elbows. She is recognized by the nickname “Elbow Hunter”. She believes Muay Thai makes her stand out from everyone else and gives her something to always hold back for. Calista has a huge followers base all over Southern Thailand especially among the younger generation, who take her as an idol and inspiration.

Calista is a hard-working player who wants to rise higher and accomplish her dreams even further. Looking at her hard work and dedication, we can probably say she is going to be one of the best female fighters of this era. She is among the few female fighters who have participated in reputable events in Thailand like Super Champ and Thai Fight. She has also fought for the belt at Patong Boxing Stadium. In addition, Calista is the face of Kambingwhit Energy Drink and Muay Siam Kard Chuek.

Growing up in a bad neighborhood and having a hard past, this girl has sacrificed everything to get to where she is now. Calista says she had tough training days where sometimes she even had the thought of giving up but the results from her game would give her more power. She is delighted that her trainer constantly pushed her over her limits and assumes it to be one of the reasons for her becoming a champion now. She is always confident about her every fight to be able to put any opponents down as she has got extremely good strength. Calista has been living in Phuket for many years, and there she trains at Revolution Muay Thai. But at the moment she moved to Estonia because of covid. She exclaims it to be hard for her there to train properly. Despite the difficulties, she has always been keeping herself fit and is ready for the fight.

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