Hiding his lethal skills behind the calm appearance Bobir is all prepped for the terrific clash!

Bobir Tagiev is the World Muay Thai Champion and an Uzbek Champion. He is one of the famous representatives from Uzbekistan in combat sports. Furthermore, Bobir is the Asian Games Champion, WMF World Muay Thai Gold Belt Holder, and has achieved an excellent record in EM Legend. He has also won the Champion Belt, with two perfectly executed KOs. Being a professional Muay Thai and Kickboxing player, Bobir is technically comprehensive having a strong ability to attack, and even more to counterattack.

Tagiev’s academic success and performance in the ring are remarkable achievements. The fact that he is not only a champion on the ring but also studying to obtain a master’s degree in finance, is certainly an incredible thing. The Uzbek fighter has been to KOK Fight Series, Muay Thai Night, Royal Battle, KF1 Macau Fight, and Stars of the Night. His superexplosive power grants him the ability to fiercely win over his opponents. 

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