Iminov Ilyar is all ready for the terrific fight

Iminov Ilyar

Iminov Ilyar is a proficient middleweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is one of the best fighters known for his grappling skills. He comes from Universal Wrestling Club in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan-born Ilyar is a capable and mighty fighter who is always ready to fiercely attack his opponents.

Iminov has competed for a number of championships such as the Championship of Kazakhstan in Amateur Pankration, Championship of Kazakhstan in Amateur MMA, Championship of the International Tournament in Zhekpe-Zhek, Championship of the Kazakhstani Amateur MMA, and Championship of Tournament K1 and MMA in China. He is even the Finalist of the Kazakhstan Grappling. He has in addition been to promotions like Glory of Heroes which was a kickboxing event at Jiyuan Basketball Stadium. He has the current streak record of a single win. Iminov was seen last active in April 2018. He must have been waiting for an excellent opportunity since then and seems now is all set to be in the battle.

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