Introducing determined Kristof, all braced up for the WAR!

Kristof Kirsch is a proficient MMA fighter. With profound determination, persistent hard work, and intense passion, he is one of the fighters full of possibilities. He is a Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and Lethwei/Burmese Boxing player. Germany-born Kristof coming from the Marrok Force MMA team is surely going to attain great heights through his combat journeys.

Kristof really has an inspirational story of rising from his hardships. He overcame his traumatic personal life by the means of boxing like a true fighter both in the ring and his life. He began his professional fight in 2019. Kristof has won in BKFC and many Max Muay Thai fights. He has also been to the World Lethwei Championship. Moreover, he is an ex-military too which shows his bravery and high potentiality in fighting. He has been playing a number of regional fights and been desperately fighting to achieve his goal of being the best of his career. Altogether, he has a total of 25 wins outs of different styles of fighting within this short period of time.

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