Kicking in Petros, the brilliant striker, with his ecstasy for the bare-knuckle fight

Petros Vardakas is a pro-MMA fighter. He is a great player with brilliant fighting skills. He represents the Team NASCAMP Gym in Greece, Athens. He is recognized by his nickname “Elchapo”. Light Heavyweight Greek fighter Petros wonderfully utilizes his varied MMA skills in his games. He is equally good at Kickboxing as he is in mixed martial arts. He is the first Greek fighter to be playing without gloves and is really excited about it.

Petros has played a number of games and has been to several promotions and events like Max Fighters-Warriors 28, Throwdown Championship, World Grand Prix Tournament, European Fight League 2- Spartans Nights, Final Fight Championships(FFC), and many more. He has won King of Kings 49 and a game at the TATNEFT Cup Kickboxing Tournament. In addition, Vardakas has also been to WKN European Light Heavyweight Championship. He has a total of 43 wins with 14 knockouts. He always goes to the battle ring with the spirit of winning.

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