Look out hunk-Milos Bajovic earning it with his deadly fight

Milos Bajovic is a brand one, indeed the best experienced and professional kickboxer who has been to the topmost championships and promotions in Europe. He is a three-time European ISKA champion and has banged many titles. Milos is a fighter from the Ronin Carnage Global team and he coming to this memorable event is the best prospect of it. At the young age of 27, he has already achieved a notable milestone. He really is an invincible player recognized by the name “Show me”. His nickname perhaps implies his confident and competitive spirit on the battlefield. Belonging from Serbia, the country that ranks the highest for its significant sports achievements, and the sportsmen, Serbian fighters like Bajovic are considered the strongest and powerful among the fighters in the world.

Serbian-born Milos is currently active and based in China. He has participated in the most reputed combat events like Mixed Martial Championship in China, King of Kunlun Tournament, Zhenzhou China Wu Lin Feng Event, Kunlun Fight Legend Heroes, Kumming China Golden Belt Event, Qingdao China WBO Boxing, Kazan Russia Tatneft Cup, Novi Sad Serbia Battle Net Championship, Muay Thai Real Fight at Bangla Stadium in Phuket, and other events in Asia and Europe. Altogether Milos has a recorded victory for 20 wins. There barely is anyone who hasn’t heard of him.

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