Magnificent Fabiano’s game is surely not a game to be missed!

Fabiano Hawthorne

Fabiano Hawthorne is the most experienced and magnificent Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA Fighter from Brazil who is all set to bang in BKK with his tremendous fighting skills. He has 20 years of experience in mixed martial arts and 15 years of experience in coaching. In addition, he also has few years of experience teaching in New Zealand and Thailand. He is one of the active fighters who has been courageous and always motivated for getting into the ring fight. Fabiano believes in pushing himself to move forward and win despite the toughness of the game.

Brazilian-fighter Fabiano Hawthorne is a great champion and has bagged championships like Muay Thai Championship, Malaysian Muay Thai Championship, and ISKA Asia Kickboxing Championship. He typically began his professional career in 2013. He has fought at some of the biggest Muay Thai Shows in Thailand including Max Muay Thai, MX Muay Xtreme, Thai Fight, Muay Thai Super Champ, and Muay Hardcore and Toyota Tournament. Fabiano has equally participated in tournaments of various promotions such as BKFC, NCF, THF, Lethwei, and Sparta MMA. As a whole, he has accumulated a total of 46 fight wins. At present, he has been training as a sponsored fighter in Tiger Muay Thai and has been focusing on his career as a Muay Thai and Kickboxing Fighter.

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