Mathias “White Thai” is keen on showing his aptitude for the fight!

Mathias Gallo is the French Pro FFKMDA Muay Thai Champion. He is a professional Muay Thai fighter who believes that true success lies in one’s potential without compromising the values. Mathias comes from the Team Expedito Boxe Thai Portois. He is known by his nickname “White Thai”. He is really popular in his hometown by that name and is appreciated for his amazing fighting skills. Mathias, along with being a great fighter, is also a coach at SIAM Muay Thai Gym and has been providing Muay Thai training. 

French-born Mathias has a good background in the field of fighting. He has won various events like the Champions Night, Tribute Gala, Konateam Tournament, S1, L’1Controlable Trophy, BOMT 3, BLR Fight, Fight Night, The Night of Challenges, The Arc En Ciel Gala, Contenders, and Thai Boxing Gala. Also, he has been to Max Muay Thai, Maxi Fight, Wu Lin Feng, Rond Kok Batay, Trophee Bad Panther, and Martial Fight. He has almost 17 wins in total.

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