Midhun Jith


Midhun Jith, the first Indian player to achieve the trio of breaking the Guinness World Record, winning the International Karate Championship and the World Kickboxing Championship (WKF) at the same time, is the founder and co-owner of Bare Knuckle Kombat (BKK) and Grand Slams Events. He is a marine engineer, an entrepreneur, and a former world Kickboxing champion willing to set up a combat firm where the world’s best fighters are going to participate. He is intrinsically into the international steel metal trading business. He along with his partner took the initiative to start BKK in the United Arab Emirates which has been his dream project for quite a long time. He has already reached that epitome of his sports career which remains a dream to many aspiring fighters.

Martial arts became his passion from an early age. He is well-trained in Shito-Ryu and has learned Taekwondo and Judo too. He is a professional player in different combat sports styles such as Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, BJJ, and Kurash. Talking about his achievements from his initial journey, he won his first gold in the Taekwondo district championship for judo at the district level in 2002, and his first national-level gold (India) in Karate at the age of 10. Later, won 18 consecutive National Championships in different styles, categories, and federations. Simultaneously, he won 21 consecutive state championships. From winning WKC at Zagreb, Croatia, to breaking two Guinness World Records for the maximum number of martial arts kicks; he has been a two-time International Karate Champion, Indo-Sri Lanka Karate Champion, seventeen-time National Karate Champion, twenty-one-time State Karate Champion, three-time National Open Fight Champion and the Indian National Open Kickboxing Champion. He has also been titled the King of Kumite in 2012.