Paving his path to becoming the greatest of all “THE CHAMP” Giannis Boukis

Giannis Boukis is the 2-time WKU World Champion, WKU K1 Rules Intercontinental Champion, WLF Intercontinental Champion, 2-time WKU National Champion, European Pan Youth Champion, and 2-time E.M.L Champion. He is a professional Muay Thai and K1 fighter. Boukis is recognized by his nickname “The Champ” which shows that he is a real conqueror. Coming from Greece, he aspires to link his name with the ring sports and become the greatest of all time. He belongs to the club Zen Fighting Club, Politis Team.

The Greek Fighter has been a member of the Greek National Team for the World and the European Championships (I.F.M.A). He has been able to acquire third place four times in Taekwondo Panhellenic Championships. Boukis has been to a number of championships throughout his career in martial arts including Stekos Fight Night, Bellator Kickboxing, Gods of War WLF, Spartan’s Night, and EM Legend Fight. In total, he has a total of 27 wins with 11 knockouts.

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