The “Bad Ass” Badato is ready to thrash!

Michael Badato is Filipino-Australian Muay Thai and KickBoxing champion. He is a professional fighter appreciated for his spectacular equanimity, technique, and determination. Michael is never disquieted about his failures in life and has always been prepared to pursue his dreams and represent Australia. After all, he is the only Filipino-born overseas champion who fought in Thailand and emerged as an undefeated Caged Muay Thai champion, a World Kickboxing Federation champion, and an International KickBoxing Federation champion. He has recently entered our promotions, Bare Knuckle Combat where he will be fighting with other established players.

Badato was handed down the “Badass” nickname through his older brothers who were themselves the former world champions in the same martial arts. He exclaims it was natural for him to follow in the footsteps of his older brothers and is happy about that. After winning world titles in Muay Thai and kickboxing, he was almost about to hang up the mixed martial arts. Later, he received an official invitation to compete in the World Lethwei Championship in Myanmar; and then, with the support and advice of his trainers, he got an extra push to fight more important battles.

During the covid crisis, Michael made the most of his time using his skills by being a personal trainer to many Australian clients. He had to leave his previous day job as a security guard to become a trainer and also focus on his self-training. He believes being a trainer allowed him to not only stay fit mentally and physically but worked on his skills, something he will need if combat sports are allegedly allowed to fight with TV coverage instead of clubs and people’s backyards.

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