The ideal fighter Buvaisar Paskhaev is brightly gonna shine on the battle ring

Buvaisar Paskhaev is the World Kickboxing Champion, WAKO European Kickboxing Champion, and the 5-time Champion of Russia. Being a professional Kickboxing player, he is great at his fighting skills. Buvasair Paskhaev has even won bronze for The Russian K-1 Kickboxing Championship. He is a member of the notable club Akhmat Fight Club.

Russian fighter from kickboxing is willing to perform his first fight in bare-knuckle and does not hesitate to confront what is unknown to him. He is one of the hero players from KK Akhmat who has been playing a number of fights at ACA Kickboxing. Buvaisar Paskhaev has also been to K-1 World GP Championship Tournament Japan. Altogether, he has a total of 13 wins.

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