With dangerous looks and splendid tattoos here comes TJ “HELLBOY”

Tee Jay “Hellboy” Chang is as risky as his name. He is a professionally trained bare-knuckle boxer from Venum training camp who is undeniably a stout and determined fighter. He says “No one trains harder than me, I train to fight and I fight to win. Tonight will be no exception”. He is the paperboy of our event, Bare Knuckle Kombat. British Bangkok ex-pat TJ Chang is one of the excellent fighters in Thailand and an athlete too. He with his stunning looks and his fighting skills undoubtedly has a huge number of expanded social networks and local followers. Tee Jay is extremely adept in the art of two mighty fists.

Chang has consistently been fighting throughout his life. Earlier at the age of 16, he entered the navy wrestling and participated in about 30 navy fights against older international navies. He has a good record of bare-knuckle and boxing in the United Kingdom battles. Tee Jay has won the WCB match by technical knockout which is considered the best fight of his career in Pattaya Boxing World Stadium. He has even conducted the Bangkok Brawl events making his professional debut in any other field except for boxing. Additionally, he is a fitness freak who likes to play football and believes in building up his strength.

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