YES!!! WORLD MUAY FEDERATION collaborates with BKK

Bare Knuckle Kombat heartily welcomes the World Muay Federation(WMF). We are pleased to announce that WMF is coming to Dubai in support of our upcoming event. This is one of the great news and proud moments for BKK that WMF is prominently showing its modest initiative towards us, positively assuring us their support through great team members and champion boxers. WMF is one of the biggest organizations that has its players in over 80 countries and is a member of the elite organizations such as TAFISA-The Association For International Sport for All, International Sport and Culture Association(ISCA), and International Martial Art Games

Established in 1995, the World Muay Federation is an internationally recognized non-governmental and non-profit public organization that has been promoting and supporting Muay Thai worldwide, as well as the enforcement of its traditions, rules, and regulations. Over the years, it has been constantly carrying out multiple projects and intensive programs on the development of combat sports all over the world with an ever-growing number of members, federations, associations, and organizations. WMF, cooperating with both governmental and non-governmental institutions, always contends for the considerable development of all the possible trends of Muay Thai for all age groups.

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